Actress Kim Yoo Jung Transforms into a Blonde

Recently, an online site published up an article with the title “Kim Yoo Jung, Debuting as a Singer?”, which sparked the curiosity of netizens.

The accompanying video had Kim Yoo Jung in a white see-through dress and donning a wig with blonde wavy hair, shedding her image as a child actress and acquiring a mature charm. Kim Yoo Jung’s plaintive singing, accompanied by her mysterious, dream-like appearance, aroused the curiosity of netizens.

Upon seeing Kim Yoo Jung’s transformation into a blonde, netizens commented, “It suits Kim Yoo Jung, but what is this song?” and “Was Kim Yoo Jung’s voice always so mature?”

Kim Yoo Jung’s upcoming music video with EXO’s Xiumin has caused a sensation recently as well.

Kim Yoo Jung's Dream-like Appearance