Sung Joon Dating Rumor Draws Attention to Suzy’s Past Descriptions About Her Ideal Type

Ever since the paparazzi got their hands on clear footage of Suzy and fellow co-actor Sung Joon from “Gu Family Book” out on dinner and showing some affection, the media has begun digging up interesting articles about Suzy describing her ideal type, as if to provide clues for netizens to start piecing together a timeline of exactly how long the relationship has been kept under wraps. What celebrities and agencies don’t seem to get, however, is that their denials will just continue to pique the public’s fasciation. 

The following select excerpts that have been taken from Suzy’s interviews by media outlets only date back to when the filming for “Gu Family Book” wrapped up in late June.

For example, on SBS‘s “Healing Camp” back in July Suzy said this about finding her ideal type, “Going on blind dates is just not for me. I prefer to get to know someone over a long period of time, then I would feel more comfortable around him. I want someone who is comfortable to be around and is like a friend to me. We would like the same things, have fun no matter what we ended up doing and feel a connection through our conversations.”

And in August in an interview that was published in “Cosmopolitan Korea” Suzy had previously shared, “I find men who exude sexiness to be attractive. I also find it sexy if men are hard workers, honest, easygoing, carefree and aren’t fixated on how they always look.”

According to netizens, Suzy’s description matches perfectly with Sung Joon’s personality. 

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