Jo Kwon and Ga In Reunite for a Selca

The much beloved “Adam Couple” has been sending time together!

On October 11, Jo Kwon of 2AM uploaded a photo of him and Brown Eyed GirlsGa In on his Twitter. Underneath the picture was a short description, “Yesterday. Met Son Ga In after a long time.” 

In the photo, the two are striking fierce poses in dim lighting. Jo Kwon, who is known for his bright and funny image, is showing a more sexy and charismatic side of him, while Ga In is looking alluring next to the male singer. Despite the dark shadow making only the lines of her face visible, she could be mistaken for a doll due to her sharp features and smooth skin.

The “Adam Couple” received their nickname while participating in season two of MBC’s “We Got Married.” Despite them being only virtually married, the two received much love from viewers thanks to their lovable and realistic image. Even today, they are one of the most popular couples to have been appeared on the show. 


Source: Nate