Kangta to Be a Judge an New Dog Survival Show, “Super Dog”

Well known dog lover Kangta will now get even more chances to show off his love as he joins the judging panel for a new survival program airing on KBS called “Super Dog.” He will be joined by fellow judges, Choi Yeo Jin, Noh Joo Hyun along with MC Lee Hwi Jae.

According to the “Super Dog” production staff, the judging panel consisting of Choi Yeo Jin, Kangta and Noh Joo Hyun were picked not just for their love for dogs but also because of their knowledge. “Super Dog” is a new type of survival program that will set out to test the bond between owner and pet. At the end they will pick a final dog to be the winner of the competition. They had over 300 dogs participating in the qualifiers ranging from rare dogs of which there is only one in the country to dogs that are valued in the 10’s of thousands of dollars.


In regards to the judges, Actor Noh Joo Hyun is well known dog expert while Kangta has recently been nicknamed that “Samsung-Dong Mother of Dogs” after a recent appearance on the variety show “I Live By Myself” which showed off his love for his four dogs. Choi Yeo Jin is also a well known dog lover. 

According to the staff, they had received a lot of calls from stars wanting to participate as judges on the show and they claim that there is currently a lot of interest in the show. They also state that a lot of celebrities will also be participating as competitors with their pets.

The Survival Dog Show “Super Dog” will air for the first time on October 26.