“Secret Love” Hwang Jung Eum Shares Emotional Kiss Scene with Bae Soo Bin

KBS2’s popular drama “Secret” showed an emotional kiss scene between Hwang Jung Eum, who plays Yoo Jung, and Bae Soo Bin, who plays Do Hoon.

This is the first kiss scene since Yoo Jung’s release and it’s an intense scene that we will not forget.

Pictures of the scene show Bae Soo Bin kissing Hwang Jung Eum, as she sits in his room after taking a shower. Bae Soo Bin shows off his manly image as he swiftly unbuttons Hwang Jung Eum’s blouse. Also, Hwang Jung Eum’s wet hair and nervous attitude makes for an emotional and attention grabbing scene.

The scene was filmed on October 4 in Gyeonggi-do. Director Lee Eum Bok is reported to be very detailed while making this drama and goes so far as to have the props set up in the right place. While shooting this intense scene, Lee Eum Bok advised the actors “Your eyes will be important. Try your best, as this scene is a difficult one.”

What will happen in the coming episodes? WIll Yoo Jung find happiness with Do Hoon, or will Min Hyuk continue to hurt Yoo Jung’s feelings?

KBS2’s “Secret” airs on the drama packed days of Wednesday and Thursday.