Henry and Lead Cast Have Fun on the Set of Drama “My Sweet City”

Some heartwarming and cute photos of Super Junior M‘s Henry and his co-stars have been out!

On October 10 on Chinese actress Xinyi Zhang‘s Weibo, she uploaded several photos of herself with Henry and Lu Fangsheng, who are cast in an upcoming drama “My Sweet City” together.

In all the five revealed photos, the three actors put their heads together and make various facial expressions. They show us comical sides of them by posing with their clenched fist under their chins, making crossed eyes, and puffing out their cheeks. They apparently don’t care how funny they look, which puts a smile on our face.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Xinyi Zhang is lucky,” “I envy that actress,” “Their funny faces are lovable, too,” “Henry is the most perfect boy,” and “A love triangle already?” 

Henry, Xinyi Zhang, and Lu Fangsheng join together in a new thirty-part drama called “My Sweet City,” which is a remake of the Korean version with the same name. In the drama, Henry and Lu Fangsheng will appear as guys who fall in love with Xinyi Zhang’s character who is in her 30s.

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