[Recap] Love Outside the Box – We Got Married 10.12.13

This week on “We Got Married,” Yoonhan and Lee So Yeon practice role playing on a bed, Jung Joon Young and Jung Yoo Mi appear as guest MCs and establish rules for their marriage, and Taemin and Son Na Eun ruin each other’s faces. 

Love outside the box– This is your Soompi WGM Recap!

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Now it’s time for Yoon Han and Lee So Yeon to move into their newlywed home. Unlike the Jung Couple who were sent out to a grocery store to decorate their home, the WGM producers are far more generous with this couple and hire them an interior designer. Yoon Han and So Yeon decide on a cafe theme for their new home and take their shopping to a very nice interior design store. Unsurprisingly, the couple naturally drifts towards the beds. They get comfortable lying down together and take pictures. Then Yoon Han suggest some role playing, and I’m sorry, on a bed? It was weird when they were looking at baby clothes together, but now he wants to role play on a bed? He asks his virtual wife is she has ever done any interesting bed scenes, and she reveals that she once had to seduce her husband. Yoon Han immediately wants to try it, except they don’t get very far into it because it is awkward and Yoon Han enjoys it too much.

The couple also pick out two stuff animals that actually do look like them (a deer and a giraffe) and couple mugs that don’t really match them, but what do I know?

Also, Yoon Han got a fancy new haircut that makes him look even more handsome. Noona approves.


They meet with the interior designer while Jung Yoo Mi watches enviously from her commentator seat. The couple also receives a mission to paint the walls of the house. Yoon Han sees it as grunt work, but So Yeon gets excited. She’s done something like this before and enjoys it. She instructs Yoon Han on how to set up, and they start painting. Yoon Han suggests they paint each other’s faces on the wall, which So Yeon takes very seriously until she sees how Yoon Han has drawn her. Yoon Han claims that he has Picasso-esque art skills, but that doesn’t mean So Yeon is pleased with her caricature.

Meanwhile, I noticed that sometimes Yoon Han looks like a wide-eyed baby who is seeing everything for the first time. Is it just me? Perhaps my medicine is doing the talking now? I’ll stop.


The couple has to paint the whole wall, but reaching the top is going to be tricky. Yoon Han assesses the situation and asks So Yeon if she is light. What girl will ever answer that question with “Yeah, I don’t weight that much?” Of course So Yeon says she is heavy, but Yoon Han proves to the world that he isn’t some wimpy pianist and picks her up, really easily. So Yeon is surprised and flustered. They work it out so that she sits on his shoulders, and they actually paint the entire wall together. Yoon Han pretends that it wasn’t such a difficult ordeal until she gets off and its revealed that he has a pretty noticeable rash on his neck.

I don’t trust Yoon Han. He is too good. Not only is he this prodigious pianist with a sexy hair cut, but he’s also strong and manly? What’s his next step? To go out and find an excuse to take off his shirt to show off his rippling pianist body? Yoon Han is playing the image of the perfect husband material, but I’m not buying it. I want to see some mistakes, more awkwardness, and him not looking so damn cocky during his interviews.

I’m keeping my eye on you, you handsome musically talented romantic devil you.


The Jung couple moved into their new home last week, and in this episode spends their first morning there together. They start the morning with Yoo Mi in their sunlit kitchen and Joon Young crouched next to his video game set. I sense that this image is something we will continually be seeing. Somehow Yoo Mi manages to separate Joon Young from his precious machines and offers him a drink that her mother made. Turns out that it’s an eel smoothie, and Joon Young shows that it tastes the way we think it would. As they drink the eel smoothie, Yoo Mi quietly asks if Joon Young knows what part of the body eels are good for, and Joon Young responds that he “100% knows.” Yoo Mi nods and announces that they are an adult couple, but then they quietly drink because that’s as far as this couple is willing to go on that topic.

Glad to know not every couple is obsessed with making babies.


Since Joon Young and Yoo Mi are also the guest MCs for the show, they can actually watch themselves together. Quite a few times they are surprised at how they come off. The couple receives a mission to establish pet names and rules for their marriage. Joon Young quickly whips out ten rules, and then impatiently waits as Yoo Mi carefully thinks about each one. This comes back to bite Joon Young in the butt when they realize that he made a typo and wrote that he did want to run a marathon and do all the other active activities Yoo Mi had planned for them. The two fight and wrestle over the paper, which should turn into some flirty grabbing, but with this couple it’s an all out war. Yoo Mi wins out in the end, and Joon Young is left to grovel at her feet for mercy. However, Yoo Mi recognizes that she’s been given a chance so she doesn’t let go.


Yoo Mi drags Joon Young out to one of my favorite places in Korea, Lake Park. It’s a beautiful man-made park just next to the MBC station in Ilsan. Joon Young is not too fond of the sunlight, and at first uses his wife as a shield against the sun, but then redeems himself by presenting her with a very cute skateboard. She thanks him by bringing out what she bought for him: the neon green vests she had packed earlier. Joon Young immediately gets sick by just the mere sight of the color. Yoo Mi then suggest that they have a race and if Joon Young wins, he doesn’t have to do the marathon. Even before she’s done speaking, Joon Young is sprinting towards the end goal, surprising everyone with how fast he is. When he gleefully reaches the end, Yoo Mi tells him she was just joking. She honestly thought he wouldn’t even stand up, and now she knows that he is capable of running.

Looks like the marathon is still happening.


Last week Taemin and Na Eun went to “Spain.” They left off right when they were going to squish the wild grapes they picked out with their feet, but it’s not an easy thing to do because the grapes are ice cold. As they wait for the grapes to warm up a little, they play a few rounds of rock, paper, and scissors with the loser having to eat the grapes they just touched with their feet. Na Eun loses each time, but we know this is just another excuse for them to feed each other.


While they are taking a break, Taemin gets bit by a mosquito on his face. How dare that mosquito bite Taemin’s beautiful face! Na Eun carefully smears some grape juice on it as a remedy which leads to them using each other’s faces as a canvas for their grape art. They show no mercy to each other’s pristine image and gleefully make a mess of their faces. The end results makes Na Eun look like she got punched in the eyes and Taemin like he hasn’t had any sleep the past week. Despite being visual idols, they aren’t shy about looking a little ugly and having a good time.


For dinner, Taemin prepares fusion Spanish food and tries to set up a romantic atmosphere. During dinner, they do what they always do and ask “Have you ever done this before with another person?” They ask this question so many times, it’s become their thing. Na Eun reminds Taemin that she revealed how much she liked him, and now it’s his turn. Taemin goes on about how he doesn’t want to lie to her, how he wants to be a better person to her, and how he wants to limit the time he spends with other girls just to make sure she doesn’t have to get jealous. It’s all very sweet, and he ends it by reaching out for her hands. He does it so assuredly that it’s hard to believe it’s only been a few weeks since he could barely ask permission to hold her hand.

But then…


But then what is this?! Na Eun crying? Talking about how she feels betrayed after she opened her heart to him? What? WGM tends to over exaggerate their previews, so I will reserve judgement until the actual episode, but I’m having a hard time controlling these raging Unnie feels. Those of you who have been with me for awhile know that I came in to WGM for Taemin but quickly became Team Na Eun. If Taemin screwed up again, I will not hold back!

That’s all for this recap! What is your opinion of Yoon Han? What do you think Taemin did to Na Eun? Leave a comment below and as always, talk to Noona! Follow her on Twitter.

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