Watch Out! Idols in October Dramas

It’s October, and the three main broadcasting companies have fielded new dramas. KBS2’s “Future Choice” starts on October 14, and SBS’ “The Heirs” and MBC’s “Medical Top Team” started on October 9. While all three dramas have their own charm, they all happen to have one thing in common – idol group members with major roles.

“Future Choice” Jung Yong Hwa

Four-member band CNBlue’s leader and main vocalist Jung Yong Hwa (25 years old) has a leading role for the third time. Prior to CNBlue’s Korean debut in 2009, he played Kang Shin Woo in SBS’ “You’re Beautiful,” earning him the nickname “Towel Guy.” He then went on to play male lead Lee Shin in MBC’s “Heartstrings.” In “Future Choice,” he plays the role of Park Se Joo, disguising himself as a maknae VJ. Acting alongside the likes of Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun, and Han Chae Ah, Jung Yong Hwa will show off dual sides with his gentle charm as a rookie VJ and another side as a charismatic, cold chaebol heir.

“The Heirs” Krystal Jung, Kang Min Hyuk, and Park Hyung Sik

All three idol group members in “The Heirs” have landed major roles in the drama. In reality their ages are pretty close to the ages of the high school students they play, so the concern of looking the part is relatively small.

f(x)’s Krystal (19 years old) plays Lee Bo Na, the heir of an entertainment group. Although she did not appear a lot in the first episode, her distinctive acting left a strong first impression. She made her first appearance in a scene with on-screen boyfriend Yoon Chan Young (played by Kang Min Hyuk of CNBlue) and his friend Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye), showing her jealousy of their close relationship. Krystal made her drama debut in the MBC sitcom “High Kick! Counterattack of the Short Legs.” At the press conference for “The Heirs” on October 7, she revealed her determination to do her best, stating that “It is difficult and I feel burdened, but I will work hard.” The first episode focused on the first meeting between the main leads, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, and on character introductions, but later episodes will give more importance to other characters and with that will come greater interest in her acting.

Kang Min Hyuk (22 years old), who plays Lee Bo Na’s boyfriend Yoon Chan Young, appeared in MBC’s “Heartstrings” and then KBS2’s “You Who Rolled In Unexpectedly,” making this his third drama outing. This time, he plays Yoon Chan Young, a calm, gentle character who is the well-brought-up son of the chief secretary of Jeguk Group’s president, Yoon Jae Ho (Choi Won Young). Fans are anticipating Kang Min Hyuk and Krystal Jung acting as a couple. In addition, while fellow group member Jung Yong Hwa’s “Future Choice” is in a different time slot, it’ll be interesting to see how they match up against each other.

Park Hyung Sik (22 years old) of idol group ZE:A became hugely popular due to MBC’s “Real Men,” earning the nickname “baby soldier.” He appears in “The Heirs” as the heir to a law firm, Jo Myung Soo. “The Heirs” is filled with characters who are high school students but don’t act like high school students. Park Hyung Sik’s character acts his age and is full of life, showing off his adorable charm. At the press conference, he revealed his determination, stating, “I will play my part well,” alluding to the prejudices and stereotypes associated with idol actors. He is expected to capture the hearts of viewers through his character’s killer move, a cute expression accompanied with a V-sign, a gift from writer Kim Eun Sook.

“Medical Top Team” Minho

SHINee’s Minho (22 years old, full name Choi Minho) started off in SBS’ “Salamander Guru,” later appearing again in “To the Beautiful You.” In “Medical Top Team, he plays a warmhearted cardiothoracic resident Kim Sung Woo with a one-sided crush on colleague Choi Ah Jin (Oh Yeon Seo). Despite the challenge of having to memorize difficult medical terminology, Minho made it through the first broadcast without much of a problem. As the drama progresses, Minho is expected to play a more active role in asserting his presence.

Many idol artists are challenging themselves with acting roles, and this had led to concerns expressed by the public. However, these artists are generally not the main leads and passing judgement on them before the drama starts or in the early episodes may not be fair to them. How about throwing away the stereotypes about idol singers who want to give acting a go, and giving them a chance instead? With three new dramas starting in October, we get the opportunity to enjoy the view as spectators watching as the idols face off against one another.


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