After School Members Show Their Support for Kahi

On October 13, members of After School were at the scene of SBS’ “Inkigayo” showing their support for their ex-member Kahi. They came to show their support for Kahi, who graduated from After School last year.

Lizzie revealed photos of Kahi and the members taken at the scene on her Twitter account. With the photos, she promoted Kahi’s new song “It’s Me” with the caption, “We came to cheer Kahi unnie at her “Inkigayo” comeback. Please show her your support.”

Kaeun could not attend due to university entrance exams. Nana brought along her pet dog.

Meanwhile, Kahi is receiving much attention through “It’s Me” not only in Korea but overseas as well. On October 10, Billboard wrote about the singer’s transformation to a solo singer, “[Kahi] doesn’t disappoint.”

Billboard also added, “The original After School leader doesn’t disappoint after more than a year away from the K-Pop scene.” It analyzed her music video saying, “While the Barcelona shots are nice, Kahi truly shines on set when the energy is kicked up tenfold as she leads the dance troupe.”

Moreover, Billboard gave positive feedback for her music video comparing her choreography to Beyoncé. “Fans of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” video will surely enjoy when the former girl group member wiggles her hips with a female dancer on both sides a la Bey.”

Kahi with After School