[Soompi Spotlight] Girls' Generation World Tour in Singapore Press Conference - What Kind of Fans Attract Their Attention?

Girls’ Generation was in Singapore over the weekend for their “2013 Girls’ Generation World Tour – Girls & Peace – in Singapore” concert and met with the local media briefly two hours before their concert. Read on to find out who the peacemaker among the nine young ladies is and what kinds of fans attract their attention.

MC : How do you feel being in Singapore again?
Sooyoung : It’s always good to be back in Singapore. Nice weather, wonderful fans, chili crab (laughs), so I’m very excited to share this experience again with our Singaporean fans tonight.

MC : How will this show be different, and how have you grown from your 2011 concert here?
Sunny : We have adopted the hologram concept in our tour, so I hope our fans will feel more excited and enjoy our concert. We hope to engage more of our fans. Over the two years, we definitely had more experience at concerts, so we would be a lot more fun, and we hope our fans will enjoy as well.

MC : XinMSN asks, “What is the most fun you had preparing for the ‘Girls & Peace’ world tour?”
YoonA : Definitely would be our final rehearsal. During our final rehearsal, we were trying out what our fans would be enjoying during our concert. So it was very exciting and interesting how our fans would react at our real concert, so I hope our excitement will reach out to our fans, and I hope that they can have fun.

_Tiffany, Yoona, Yuri

MC : Teen Magazine asks, “Your concert tour is titled ‘Girls & Peace,’ so who is the peacemaker in the group?”
Yuri : That’s me.

MC : Teen Magazine asks, “What kind of fans would you notice most in a concert?”
Tiffany : Personally, I think the fans that dressed up exactly the way we do are noticed because we like to see how detailed their outfits are. It’s fun to see a group of fans dressed up as each oen of us, play the roles, and dance to our music and songs.

MC: MeRadio asks, “YoonA, Yuri, Soo Young, and most recently, Seo Hyun have debuted in acting. Are the rest of the members interested in acting as well? What kind of roles would you like to try out?”
Tiffany : I think a lot of our members are very open to acting and musicals. Personally, I think it’d be cool if we do more musicals as well, but more of an action or spy film; it would be quite a challenge, and it would show a different side of Girls’ Generation.

MC: Zaobao asks, “It has been six years since Girls’ Generation debuted, and they had created numerous records and achievements. What are the most memorable or important moments to the ladies?”
YoonA: In terms of music, I’d definitely say it was when we were doing “Gee.” Thanks to a lot of our fans, we received a lot of love, and we were very grateful. In terms of concert moments, it was definitely the very first concert. We have a lot of experiences at various places, but the very first concert is something that we cannot forget. 

MC : Please say something nice to our Singaporean fans.
Taeyeon : We are always so happy to be in Singapore for our world tour. We prepared a lot, and we hope the fans enjoy our concert as much as we enjoy meeting them. We have been to many different places, and every concert is memorable to us. I hope our fans will enjoy tonight’s show.

_Seohyun, Taeyeon

Thanks to concert organizer Running Into The Sun for inviting Soompi to cover the press conference.

Photo credit: Running Into The Sun

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