New Albums And Singles Preview – 2013 October Week 2

SHINee mini-album Vol. 5 – Everybody (Oct. 14)


01 Everybody
02 Lovesick
03 Rainy New York
04 Just One Minute
05 Destination
06 Close It
07 Colorful

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SHINee, who had released their third album earlier this year, returns to the music scene once more with their fifth mini-album, “Everybody.” There are a total of seven tracks composed by top hit makers along the likes of Thomas Troelsen, Kenzie, The Underdogs, and Jinbo. The title track is “Everybody” a dance number with an catchy melody line listeners can easily hum to.

T-Ara mini-album Vol. 8 – Again (Oct. 10)


01 No. 9
02 Know the Feeling
03 Hurts
04 Don’t Get Married
05 No. 9 (Club Ver.)
06 Again 1977

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T-ara returns after a year with their eighth mini-album, “Again.” There are two title tracks, “No. 9” and “Know the Feeling.” The former song is a dance number with an addictive melody and sad lyrics. The latter song is a medium-tempo dance track with an easy melody. Other songs included in the album are upbeat number, “Don’t Get Married” and a remix version of “No. 9.”

Nine Muses Vol. 1 – Prima Donna (Oct. 14)


01 Prima Donna
02 Gun
03 Rumor
04 A Few Good Man
05 Last Scene
06 Natural Girl
07 Miss Agent
08 Time’s Up
09 Don’t Know Don’t Know
10 Spinning
11 Never Mind

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Nine Muses, who has had many hits such as “News,” Ticket,” and “Wild,” returns with their first full-length album, “Prima Donna.” There are eleven tracks in the album including the titular, “Gun.” It is a catchy number with rock and dance sounds. Listeners will be able to hear western guitar riffs.

Kahi mini-album Vol. 2 – Who Are You (released)


01 Boys and Girls (Feat. Swings)
02 It’s Me (Feat. Dumbfoundead)
03 Hey Boy (feat. Dok2)
04 Sinister (feat. Bekah)
05 Colorful World (feat. Yoon Do Hyun  of YB)
06 Slow

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After School’s Kahi returns after a year and eight months with her second mini-album, “Who Are You.” This time around, the singer has taken part in the album making as well as lyric writing. Top artists such as Swings, Dumbfoundead, Bekah, Dok2, and Yoon Do Hyun lent their vocals, making the album all the more anticipated. The title track is “It’s Me,” a dreamy number with groovy sounds and dubstep elements. The easy melody line and laid back lyrics of the song are expected to catch listeners’ interests. Dumbfoundead is featured in this song, upgrading it all the more. 

Heo Young Saeng Special Album – She (Oct. 16)


01 Fall Street Corner
02 Phew…
03 Weak Child
04 Never Ending Story
05 Weak Child INST

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Heo Young Saeng releases a special album, “She” this fall. Produced by Sweetune, this album consists of five songs including the title track, “Weak Child.” It is a pop ballad with modern rock sounds. The song holds lyrics about regretting breakup even though that was what the man initially wanted.

My Name 3rd single – Day By Day (released)


01 Intro (It’s Gonna Be Alright)
02 Day By Day (feat. D.O)
03 Can’t Erase
04 U-Turn
05 Outro (Goodbye)

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My Name returns with their third single album, “Day By Day.” This time around, the boys have experimented with a greater range of genres. The title track is ‘Day By Day,” an addictive number with strong beats. Other songs worth mentioning in the album are “Can’t Erase” and “U-Turn.”

AOA 4th single album – Red Motion (released)


01 Shake
02 Yours, Mine

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AOA returns with their fourth single album, “Red Motion.” The title track is dance number, “Shake.” Also included in the album is B-side dance song, “Yours, Mine.” AOA leader, Jimin, did the rap making to both of these songs.

VIXX (single) – Y.BIRD With VIXX & OKDAL (released)


01 Why Women (feat. Oksang Dalbit)
02 I’m a Boy, You’re a Girl (feat. Oksang Dalbit)
03 Why Women (INST)

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Oksang Dalbit and VIXX have come together for the latest Y.Bird project. Idol group, VIXX and Hongdae indie band, Oksang Dalbit have joined hands to bring new music to listeners. The title track is “Why Women,” a unique  number about a special love between a man and a woman.

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