On October 10, actress Kim Yuri was interviewed by Sports Seoul and talked about what it was like to play as “Little Sun” or Tae Yi Ryung in the hit drama series, “Master’s Sun.” 

About her character, Tae Yi Ryung, she said, “I laugh easily and talk a lot like Tae Yi Ryung, but our personalities couldn’t be more different. When you think of actors and actresses, you assume they would have unique or interesting personalities right? But I consider myself to be the comfortable type. I don’t necessarily put my emotions on full display and although Tae Yi Ryung has this comical appeal to her, I’m not entertaining in real life. People who watch the drama might think she’s hilarious, but it’s only because other actors much more experienced than me were able to help me along the way.” 

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Kim Yuri also gave insight into her frying pan dance that gave viewers a good roll on the floor laughing. “The only reason I was able to pull that off, of course, was because the Hong Sisters had done an amazing job of writing the script. While reading it, I was able to feel the energy and let that guide my body movement while shooting the scene. The frying pan dance is an original piece of work. There was actually a certain scene in a Jun Ji Hyun advertisement that the director wanted me to use, but after watching it, I realized that I couldn’t use it. Instead, I tried to capture the feel of the advertisement and practiced hard. I danced for about four hours on the day we filmed it, until my body was covered in sweat. Although I meant to come across as serious, everyone told me they had fun watching me. Before that scene aired, I worried a great deal about whether people would even find it funny, so I’m just thankful there were people that enjoyed it,” she said. 

Remember her frying pan dance? Too cute!

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When asked what it was like to film with Seo In Guk and So Ji Sub, she replied, “I actually didn’t get many opportunities to see So Ji Sub, but I was able to grow close to Seo In Guk.” When asked about whether she’d like to appear on “We Got Married” with Seo In Guk, she said, “Since I had the opportunity to grow close with Seo In Guk through our latest drama, I think it would be a lot of fun to do a variety program together. But, since I’m his senior- I don’t know if it would turn out very interesting. I’m not really suited for variety programs either, so I would worry about that. People around me have already told me, ‘You’d better not try your comedic antics anywhere.'” 

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