Shin Ji Hoon Releases Motivational “New Star(T)” Video

Do you love to root for the underdog or one who dreams real big and only thinks the sky’s the limit?

Shin Ji Hoon is one of the many contestants from audition program “K-Pop Star,” but has immediately set herself apart from the rest for her unique background and dreams of becoming a singer and a figure skater.

That’s like combining the feats of Kim Yuna and Baek Ji Young. Following in one of their footsteps is a hard feat in itself, but the young fifteen year old plans to aim high and settle for nothing less. Many eyes are on this new rookie to see if she has what it takes to achieve her dreams.

Shin Ji Hoon narrates in the motivational short video. She starts off, “From when I open my eyes to when I close them, I dream about myself on the stage and also on the ice.” The video ends with “My dream is to be a figure skater that sings.”

Shin Ji Hoon just released a video teaser for “Right There,” which is composed by Beast’s Yong Jun Hyung. 4minute’s Heo Ga Yoon participates in the music video.

UPDATE: As of now, Shin Ji Hoon will promote as Shin Ji Hoon and not V.A. Loen Entertainment has changed the artist’s name on its official YouTube channel. More updates if information changes.