Son Ye Jin’s Pictures From Childhood and First CF Unveiled

Pictures of Son Ye Jin from her younger days before her fame were shown on “Section TV.

On October 13, MBC‘s “Section TV, Entertainment News” showed pictures of Son Ye Jin during her childhood and teen years. Son Ye Jin is the star actress for the new movie “The Accomplice.”

son ye jin photo matrix

During the interview on the show, Son Ye Jin acknowledged that she was a cute and lively kid. Son Ye Jin revealed that she “was an ordinary high school student who enjoyed eating ddeokbokki rather than trying to get good grades.”

Section TV also showed pictures of Son Ye Jin’s first CF that she shot while still in high school. Even though the actress requested that her debut photos to not be shown, “Section TV” went ahead and displayed the pictures. Her first CF showed a youthful and beautiful Son Ye Jin.

When asked about her plans for marriage, she replied, “I hope to marry in two years. Even when I was young, I wanted to be married by age 34. I feel like it is time. My mom tells me to hurry up and get married.”