Lee Sang Soon Reveals Honeymoon Photos with Lee Hyori

Pictures of Lee Hyori and husband Lee Sang Soon on their European honeymoon have been released.

On October 14, Lee Sang Soon wrote on his Twitter, “excited Hyori riding her bike,” while posting two pictures.

hyori honeymoon

The pictures show the couple enjoying each others’ company while riding their bikes. The first picture shows an excited Hyori giving the peace sign. Even though the photo captures only half of Lee Sang Soon’s face, his enthusiasm is clearly shown. The second picture shows Hyori sitting on her bike giving a modest smile. The two seem to be having a comfortable and relaxing honeymoon.

The newly married couple is currently touring through Europe and meeting with different friends while on their honeymoon. It is reported that Lee Hyori also met with fashion designer Yoni P during her tour of Europe.