IU Went on a Shocking Diet to Prepare for Her Comeback

IU revealed the shocking diet she underwent in order to prepare for her current comeback.

On October 12, KBS‘s “Entertainment Weekly” aired a special interview with IU through the  program’s corner “Guerrilla Date.” The singer confirmed that she gained a lot of weight while filming KBS’s drama “You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin.” IU also stated that she was most concerned with her weight as she prepared for her comeback.

iu modern times

IU, who is known for having a size 23 and half waist, looked good with a full figured body on “You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin.” During May of last year, IU captured the attention of the viewers when she revealed on variety show “Strong Heart” that she was 161.7cm tall and weighed an unbelievable 44.9 kg (around 99 pounds).

On the “Entertainment Weekly,” IU said “I’m currently dieting. I eat an apple for breakfast and some sweet potato and water for lunch. For dinner I drink a protein shake.”

IU’s new single “Red Shoes” from her third album “Modern Times” has been fairing well on the music charts. It has also been announced on October 12 that IU will star in KBS’s new Wed-Thurs drama “Beautiful Man,” which aims to premiere in late November.