Lee Gwang Soo Shows His Appreciation to Fans

On October 14, Lee Gwang Soo tweeted, “Oh my gosh! Thank you Gwanggal members!” with a photo on his Twitter.

In the photo, Lee Gwang Soo looks dashing with sunglasses. However, contrary to his chic fashion, he is posing a “V” with a cute facial expression. Next to Lee Gwang Soo is a photo of himself, and there are more gifts set on the table. The gifts are from “DC Inside Lee Gwang Soo Gallery” members.

Fans who saw the photo commented, “He looks so cute with his sunglasses holding that heart,” “Lee Gwang Soo is a god, he’s so handsome,” “I never expected a photo of the gifts. Lee Gwang Soo is so nice.”

Meanwhile, Lee Gwang Soo is appearing on MBC’s “Goddess of Fire,” and SBS’ “Running Man,” actively displaying various sides of himself on the drama and the variety program.

Lee Kwang Soo