K.Will Releases Comical Compilation Teaser for His Comeback with

Earlier, we announced that K.Will will be joining the October comeback line-up. Recently, Starship Entertainment has uploaded a compilation of teasers for his upcoming single.

On October 14, StarshipTV uploaded a teaser video with several clips of K.Will’s upcoming single, “You Don’t Know Love.”

The comical teasers show K.Will sitting in a cafe or on his computer, worrying about the big name comebacks such as IU and SHINee.

In the first clip, a couple is talking about the artists that came back such as IU and SHINee. The couple then wonders, “I heard someone else is coming back too… Who was it again?” Then K.Will tries to say his own name while “pretending” to cough!

The second clip has K.Will looking through the Internet to see all of the big name comebacks. He bows his head in despair and then proceeds to say, “Please, help me too,” asking fans to support his album among the other popular artists.

The third clip has K.Will going up to that same couple and directly telling them that he is coming back next week.

The teasers also gave a taste of K.Will’s new song “You Don’t Know Love,” as it slightly played in the background.

K.Will’s “You Don’t Know Love” is scheduled to be released on October 18. Check out the clip below!

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