Jung Il Woo Confirmed to Join Uee in Upcoming Drama “Golden Rainbow”

Jung Il Woo has been confirmed as the leading man for the upcoming MBC weekend drama, “Golden Rainbow” alongside Uee.

On October 14, May Queen Pictures, the production company for the drama, commented, “The male lead for ‘Golden Rainbow’ that we’ve been discussing for a while has been confirmed to be Jung Il Woo.”

“Golden Rainbow” is revolves around the lives of seven siblings. In the drama, Jung Il Woo plays Do Young, whose father re-marries when Do Young is a little boy. Do Young receives outsider treatment in his new step-family but continues to grow and mature into an adult, becoming a prosecutor later on.

Production staff sources commented, “Do Young plays a big part of the drama and story-line. With his popularity and acting skills, we are excited to see Jung Il Woo go to work.”

“Golden Rainbow” will first air on November 2 after “Scandal” comes to an end.