Fans Fear “Running Man” Star Kim Jong Kook Might Still Be Suffering from Previous Back Injury

The sight of beloved “Running Man” star Kim Jong Kook‘s waist covered in medical tape has caused fans some concern.

On the latest episode of “Running Man” that aired on October 13, signs of Kim Jong Kook’s prevalent back problems appeared to be somewhat disconcerting, as the medical tape became visible during one of the rounds where Kim Jong Kook took on Chun Jung Myung in a battle of strength. 

Netizens voiced their concern saying, “Is Kim Jong Kook’s back not doing so well?”, “Kkookie, please don’t be in pain”, “He should be taking better care of his spinal disc,” “People who have never endured an injury to a spinal disc couldn’t possibly understand”, “It’s amazing how hard Kim Jong Kook works”, “I’ve never seen Kim Jong Kook show any sign of pain or struggle,” and “It seems like the medical tape is helping.” 

Back in August of 2010, Kim Jong Kook received medical treatment to reposition his spinal disc. Since then, Kim Jong Kook has continued to exercise and rely on medical tape to protect his lower back.