Yeo Jin Goo Continues to Receive Praise For Movie

Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed A Monster’s” director, Jung Joon Hwan adds on to the praises for Yeo Jin Goo.

“Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed A Monster” is an action thriller movie about revenge when a child Hwai (played by Yeo Jin Goo), raised by a group of criminals under the cold-blooded leader Suk Tae (Kim Yoon Suk), has his life turned upside down after a gunshot. The movie is garnering attention because of the starring actors Kim Yoon Suk, Yeo Jin Goo, Jo Jin Woong, Jang Hyun Sung, Kim Sung Gyun, and Park Hae Joon, as well as the movie’s unconventional and charismatic story line. On October 8, the Korean Film Council ranked “Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed A Monster,”  first place in the Korean box office, previewing the potential popularity the movie is expected to have.

On October 7, a special event called Hwai’s Night Part 2: Director Jung Joon Hwan’s GV allowed the audience to meet with Director Jung Joon Hwan. With the audience mostly being in their twenties, “Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed A Monster” received great attention as it was also Director Jung Joon Hwan’s first full-length movie in 10 years.

Hwai Yeo Jin Goo Director Praise

After the start of the movie, the audience became engulfed in the movie’s thrilling and dramatic plotline, causing many to be on the edge of their seat through the unpredictable action scenes. Afterwards, when the audience had a chance to ask questions, Director Jung Joon Hwan commented, “If the genre of my previous movie ‘Protect The World’ was about having fun and enjoying life, then ‘Hwai: The Movie Who Swallowed A Monster’ is a serious movie that engages the audience.”

In addition Director Jung Joon Hwan explained, “When I first read the draft of ‘Hwai,’ I read it extremely fast. The storyline had wit and it was strong. I really enjoyed the fact that the story had disturbing sensitive topics. The depth of the story made me want to produce it.”

In regards to Yeo Jin Goo, the director stated, “I worried a lot. I wondered who could swallow a character who is both innocent and evil,” and further complimented, “Yeo Jin Goo gave the feelings of both instability and brokenness while also being strong, making me want him for the role. He was also great at action, having both a strong body and heart. He is a ‘special gift’.”

The movie “Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed A Monster” premiered in Korea on October 9, and is currently gaining attention for its thrilling and action filled scenes.

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