Netizens Who Made Malicious Comments About Baek Ji Young’s Miscarriage Apologize

The netizens who made malicious comments about singer Baek Ji Young’s miscarriage and were under police investigation have appealed for leniency.

The person in charge of this case at the Suseo police station told eNEWS, “Out of the eleven suspects who were sued, we have finished investigating ten. Once we finish up the investigation for the last suspect, who is from another district, we will forward the case to the prosecution.”

The contact at the Suseo station continued, “While there were those who admitted to their wrongs, there were some who denied the charges,” and the contact further explained that “the last suspect has agreed to come in for investigation, and it seems that we will be able to wrap up investigation within the end of the month.”

This past July, Baek Ji Young sued the netizens who had posted malicious comments about her online. They had said thing like, “I pity her child,” “She smokes, she’s old, she brought this upon herself,” etc., even posting photoshopped pictures of her child.

One netizen, upon receiving a summons to court, went so far as to post the photo of the document online. This netizen, also, has appealed for leniency.

However, Baek Ji Young’s side revealed earlier that they will certainly not let this go, and the conclusion of the case remains to be seen.