Yoo Seung Woo to Come Back with Collaboration with San-E

Male soloist and “Super Star K” finalist Yoo Seung Woo has announced his comeback to be on October 22.

After officially debuting with a mini-album titled, “The First Picnic” last May, Yoo Seung Woo will be coming back with new music, collaborating with rapper San-E.

On October 15, a photo of Yoo Seung Woo as a “hip-hop boy” has been circulating the web, creating a lot of interest. Yoo Seung Woo is wearing a funky patterned track jacket, a black snapback and black sunglasses as he holds up a boombox.

Fans are especially interested to see how Yoo Seung Woo and San-E’s collaboration will turn out. San-E has recently heated up the music charts with his single, “Story of Someone I Know.”

Yoo Seung Woo’s agency sources commented, “Yoo Seung Woo’s comeback song will be music that’s good for the ears. Yoo Seung Woo and San-E are musicians in completely different genres and have a big age gap but through this song, they created an awesome synergy. Fans will be surprised at how well their voices match together.”

Yoo Seung Woo’s next teaser will be revealed on October 16 while his comeback will be on October 22.