Monthly Underrated K-Pop New Music Releases – First Half of October

For the first half of October (1-14), we have new singles to share from underrated artists.

AFA is a modern rock band who has been playing for 20 years in the United States and has made their debut with their EP “Rise Above.” Their American style, post-grunge rock sound added with the amazing guitar rock solos advocates a new hard rock sound. On the other hand, soloist Myoah debuts with her track “Farewell Diary.” It is a unique electronic-indie track filled with sweet vocals.

R&B singer Navi shares her powerful vocals for the OST of drama “Secret Love” with song “Incurable” featuring the rap from Kebee of Eluphant. Sohyang releases an upbeat and high-spirited track while D-Story returns with “Mom” featuring the vocals of Park Soo Min. It is their newest release after a year and a half. Lastly, we have singer-songwriter Jin Kyum who dreamed of his own colorful music for seven years before releasing his first single “Taste & Color.” The contemporary R&B track is perfect for the autumn season.

Please tune in the next couple of weeks for the rest of the October releases. If you missed last month’s releases, you can check it out here. Also, if you are interested in one of these artists and would love more information about them, you can make a request via comment, Soompi Facebook or Twitter and a profile of any underrated artist will be posted up in the Kpop forum section by yours truly. Some artists may not have any available information (i.e. profiles, videos, pictures, etc.); therefore, not all requests can be fulfilled.

AFA – Rise Above (October 1) (Rock) JiwL – I Need You (October 1) (R&B) Jo Yong Joon – When You Enter the Room (October 1) (Ballad) My Little Memory – We Have Broken Up (feat. Hanol & Soulman) (October 1) (Ballad) Myoah – Romantic Rocket Launched in 2013 (October 1) (Electronica) Noxx – Tonight (October 1) (Rock) Park Se Young – Shall We Dance (October 1) (Indie) KiSH – Love City (October 2) (Instrumental) Met – Fear (October 2) (Indie/Rock) Navi – Incurable feat. Kebee of Eluphant (Secret OST Part 1) (October 2) (Ballad) Re:soul – Get Closer (October 2) (Hip Hop) Ruamin – A Storyteller (October 2) (Ballad) Scosco – The Day (October 2) (Indie, Rock) South Light – The First Start (October 2) (R&B/Soul) Vanilla Acoustic – 2집 2nd Part. 2 (Ocotober 2) (Indie) Blue Tea – Blussom (October 4) (Folk)

Real Kraz K – I’m Doing (October 4) (Hip Hop) SJ –자미아 Collabo SJ (October 4) (Ballad) Standing Egg – Shine (October 4) (Indie) Winter Garden – Project 24/7 낙엽연가 – Part.2 (October 4) (Ballad) Chain – Linger (October 8) (Rock) Fromm – Arrival (October 8) (Indie) Root B – 1st Single Root B (October 8) (Ballad) Nissi – 다시 좋아하게 될까봐 (October 8) (R&B/Soul) Sohyang – Brand New (October 8) (Ballad/Dance) D-Story – Mom (October 10) (Ballad) Kim Feel – Beautiful (October 10) (Ballad) The Cello – 냉장고 (October 11) (Ballad) Jin Kyum – Taste & Color (October 14) (Hip Hop)

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