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T-ara Soyeon revealed her boyfriend, Oh Jong Hyuk, as someone who she is “proud of” and finds “amazing.”

During an interview on October 14 at a café in Gangnam, Soyeon said, “As T-ara made a comeback with our eighth mini album, ‘AGAIN,’ along with our double titles “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling,” he (Oh Jong Hyuk) encouraged me saying ‘You can do it’ and ‘I believe in you.’”

Soyeon and Oh Jong Hyuk officially began dating on December 28, 2010.While on a date to celebrate their 1000 days together back in late September, their relationship was captured on camera and later exposed to the public. The couple, who have dated for about three years, supported and encouraged each other during the difficult times in their entertainment careers, conveying their ability to grow their love. Their love and commitment towards each other showed even when Oh Jong Hyuk was in the marines, as Soyeon was able to visit him despite her busy schedules.

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When she talked about her motivations behind waiting for her boyfriend for two years, Soyeon explained, “Before we started dating, the ideas of ‘my idol identity’ and ‘military issue’ were a great worry to me. However, because of our serious personalities, when we both started to date we didn’t take our relationship lightly. Since there was trust in our relationship, waiting for him was actually easy.”

Moreover, Soyeon added, “Though while in the military he must have had struggled at certain times, it was actually when I had a hard time outside that he would take care of me. Two years of dating has developed trust and confidence in each other.”

On the topic of how Oh Jong Hyuk delayed his Marines discharge a month later, Sohyun stated, “Actually, regarding that issue, my boyfriend and I discussed about it beforehand. Although as his girlfriend I was worried, I didn’t show it on the outside because it was his decision made out of conviction and belief in the right decision. As I watched him actively take part in his military service, it made me proud of him,” and continued to compliment her boyfriend by saying, “Ever since he was young, his dream was to be part of the Marine Corps. Watching him achieve his dream makes me think he is amazing.”

Oh Jong Hyuk was a former member of boy group Click-B that was active from the late 1990’s to the early 2000’s. Today, T-ara is busy promoting their new album, “Again,” as they recently made a successful comeback with their double title songs, “No.9” and “I Know the Feeling.”

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