Suzy Has Been the Most Popular Advertisement Model for Four Months

Miss A’s Suzy has been the number one favored model for advertisements for four months straight.

According to the Korea CM Strategic Studies Institute, Suzy was the most preferred model for commercials from June to September of this year. 

With this four-month streak, and her status as a celebrity with one of the best reputations, Suzy has emerged as a new CF queen.

Last month, the figure-skater Kim Yuna also achieved quite a feat, jumping from sixteenth to second place. Surprising many with his spot in third place is Ha Jung Woo, who recently made his debut as a movie director with “Fasten Your Seatbelt.”

Actors Won Bin, So Ji Sub, Lee Byung Hun, and Jo In Sung jumped from places below tenth to the fourth, fifth, seventh, and eighth places, respectively. Lee Seung Gi has been maintaining his place in the top ten in sixth place, and Lee Na Young has kept her spot in tenth since last month, as well.