[Breaking] Dong Ho to Leave U-KISS and to Take a Break from All Entertainment Activities

It has been announced that Shin Dong Ho will be leaving U-KISS.

On October 16, NH Media announced that their youngest member Dong Ho will discontinue all activities as a member of U-KISS. A representative said, “Dong Ho will no longer be a member of the group starting from the group’s new Korean album release at the end of the month. He will take a break from all entertainment activities. Dong Ho has told the agency that his commitment to his entertainment activities has weakened due to his physical health that is not fit for the life of a singer. After a long discussion with Dong Ho and his parents the agency decided to respect Dong Ho’s wishes to cease his activities.”

The representative further explained, “Dong Ho has been with the agency for a long time as a member of U-KISS, and through that time had difficulties adjusting to life an entertainer. He expressed his desire to live a life as a regular citizen, instead of a celebrity.”

As for the future of U-KISS, the representative said, “Losing Dong Ho as a member is a considerable loss for the group, but the agency and the other members have accepted the change.”

Dong Ho has been a member of U-KISS since its debut in 2008. The group celebrated their fifth year anniversary in August of this year

U-KISS will release a Korean album as a six member group in late October.