New Male Vocal Group Timber Releases Their First MV Teaser

With their debut single “3 Days” soon to be released on October 18, the new male vocal group Timber released a teaser music video for the single on the various online music sites. 

Timber is with the agency A&G Modes, which also represents the male duo, J-Walk. The group is composed of singers Tenny, K. Brown, and Dabin, and they have been recognized for their sheer vocal talent. The trio was offered over 50 songs by famous composers for their debut single, a true testament to their vocal abilities.

Timber’s debut single “3 Days” was written and composed by Lee Kyeol and partner Yang Seung Wook. Lee Kyeol has worked as a vocal trainer along with other top singers such as SG Wannabe, KCM, and Sistar, on MBC’s audition program, “Birth of a Star.”

The teaser video stars rookie ‘internet ulzzang’ actress Oh Ji Hyun, and shows the painful breakup of a couple. These scenes, together with the three powerful voices of Timber, truly tug at the heartstrings.

Check out the teaser below!