BEAST Sends 4th Anniversary Celebratory Message

On October 16 KST, BEAST members Doojoon, Hyunseung, Junhyung, Yoseob, Kikwang, and Dongwoon celebrated their four-year anniversary by sending a warm video message to their fans.

Four years ago on October 16, 2009, BEAST made their television debut on KBS2TV’s “Music Bank,” with their debut song “Bad Girl.” On October 14, 2009, the group had released their first mini album, “Beast Is The B2ST.”

In the video message to their fans, BEAST reminisced about their journey as a group. Leader Doojoon started the message by saying, “Finally, it has become our four-year anniversary,” causing the other members to clap in celebration.

BEAST’s “Music Bank” debut was probably unforgettable to their fans, but what seemed to stand out were their outfits as the members reminded each other, “Remember when we first debuted on ‘Music Bank’ with ‘Bad Girl’ wearing white?”

Member Dongwoon continued the trip down memory lane as he said, “Remember when we won first place for the first time, and then we had that ocean of tears,” causing the members to laugh in agreement. Less than six month after their debut, BEAST won their first music show award on the March 25, 2010 broadcast of Mnet’s M Countdown, with their song “Shock” from their second mini album “Shock of the New Era.”

beast first win shock

It was evident that during the last four years BEAST experienced love from around the world for their music and performance. Leader Doojoon continued to convey BEAST’s humility by thanking the fans for their constant support, and reiterated, “Many memories were made in the past four years, and we hope that BEAST can continue through a constant happiness with B2UTY.”

Within the last four years, BEAST has managed to survive in the ever changing Kpop industry. However, what has not changed was their relationship with their fans, called B2UTY, as BEAST plans to hold a third fanmeeting with B2UTY on November 2 at Seoul Olympic Stadium.

In concluding their message, BEAST talked not of themselves, but to those who have poured love and support to the group, reminding fans to take care of their health through the cold weather.

BEAST ended their message by saying, “Thank you, and let’s keep making good memories. Until now, so BEAST, thank you!” Yet, the quirks of the group were evident when Dongwoon quietly added, “Together until our 40-year anniversary…” providing another reason to love a group so dedicated to their music, performance, members, and fans.

Happy 4-year anniversary, BEAST! Congratulations!

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