Lee Min Ho Is Too Cute for Words in the Snow

Lee Min Ho is adorable in the white snow! 

Outdoor brand Eider recently unveiled a series of behind-the-scene-pictures of Lee Min Ho’s F/W 2013 commercial shooting. The commercial was shot in the diverse natural beauty of New Zealand, and promises to be set apart from other commercials with their quick scene transitions and a sensational story.

In the revealed pictures, Lee Min Ho presses his cheek to the snowman that he made himself and looks like an innocent child. He also enjoys a snowball fight with his staff members and made a pleasant atmosphere during the shooting. He also had fun taking a sledge down with his fellow models, showing off how good he is at sports.

Eider’s new commercial, which features Lee Min Ho’s polished beauty, will be on-air on cable channels from October 20, and all Korean major television networks from October 24. 

Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is starring in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “The Heirs” as Kim Tan.

Enjoy his cuteness below!

Lee Min Ho