Yozoh Captures the Despair in Movie “Hwai” with “Alice in Weird Land” OST Track

Yozoh‘s “Alice in Weird Land” is a mellow song that captures the hopelessness and despair that is seen in the box office hit “Hwai: The Child Who Swallowed A Monster.” The soft melody of the guitar and violin fits perfectly with Yozoh’s soft and delicate voice to create a delicate and emotional song.

The OST for “Hwai” was produced by Mowg and contains 18 scores and one vocal song. Mowg is known for his musical works in popular movies such as “Silenced,” “I Saw the Devil,” “Masquerade,” and “Last Stand.” The well-produced OST accurately captures the mood of the movie and makes the scenes of the movie more capturing and emotional.

“Alice in Weird Land” is the last song on the OST and can be heard in the beginning and ending of the movie.

“Hwai” premiered in Korea on October 9 and placed first in box office sales. The movie is an attention grabbing revenge thriller starring Yeo Jin Goo.