Old Pictures of Ha Yeon Soo Surprise Netizens

Pictures of Ha Yeon Soo in her younger days have been posted on a forum and have been discussed widely among netizens. This comes after her highly publicized kiss scene in TvN‘s sitcom “Potato Star.”

The pictures show a youthful Ha Yeon Soo with no make up. Netizens viewing the pictures commented “She looks a bit different today” “She doesn’t look like a person from Korea” and “She is very beautiful.”


Ha Yeon Soo stars in tvN‘s daytime sitcom “Potato Star.” During the eighth episode that aired on October 15, she shared a romantic kiss scene with actor Yeo Jin Goo. The scene was a hot topic in Korea since Ha Yeon Soo is seven years older than 16 year old Yeo Jin Goo.