Kim Tae Hee Looks Punk and Chic in Unedited Photos from Berlin

Star actress Kim Tae Hee shows off her chic and punk style during a photo shoot in Berlin. Cosmopolitan officially released unedited pictures of Kim Tae Hee on their Facebook page on October 16.


The photos were taken in an artsy district of Berlin and will be released in the November issue of Cosmopolitan. Kim Tae Hee strikes chic poses against an urban background dotted with graffiti. She appears in smoky make up wearing a long black see-through skirt in one picture. In the other picture, she is sitting on worn out stairs wearing a black and white knit sweater. 

The Cosmopolitan issue featuring Kim Tae Hee’s pictures will go on sale October 18. The hard working Kim Tae Hee is currently on one of her rare vacations.