Joo Won on Leaving

Joo Won has recently shared his honest feelings about his stepping down from the beloved variety show, “1 Night 2 Days.”

Joo Won confessed, “I always felt sorry toward the other members. I’m still sad and sorry.”

Joo Won recently ended his last filming for the show and commented, “I’m not the type to easily show my inner feelings or share my worries so I hadn’t really talked about stepping down from the show with any of the other members.”

Joo Won continued, “The hyungs always supported me by saying that my image is good just the way I am but I think I always thought that I lacked a lot,” and “When I see viewers sometimes posting things like ‘Why is he even there,’ ‘Why is he still on the show,’ it made me feel sorry and my heart was heavy.”

“I thought I would be able to do well after a year into joining the show. But I felt my shortcomings even more and I eventually decided to step down,” the actor revealed.

“I really wanted to announce this myself. When I heard that the media was going to publish the story, I quickly called the members and told them first,” Joo Won continued and “I’m so thankful and sorry that the hyungs were understanding. I was really happy.”

Meanwhile, Joo Won has successfully ended his run with the KBS drama, “Good Doctor,” and is currently rehearsing for the musical, “Ghost.”

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