“Son Ye Jin Is the Best!” Kim Nam Gil Surprises Movie Screening with Lively Cheers

Kim Nam Gil was prepared to cheer on the actress Son Ye Jin at the VIP movie screening of “The Accomplice.” The two have become friends after working together on different projects. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin filmed the KBS2 TV drama “Shark” together and are currently shooting the movie “Pirates” together.

Kim Nam Gil couldn’t hide his enthusiasm for Son Ye Jin during the VIP preview screening of “The Accomplice” that took place on October 9 at Wangsimni CGV in Seoul. Before the screening of the movie, the cast and crew of “The Accomplice” came up on stage to give their “thank you” bows. When Son Ye Jin was called to bow, she was surprised when the audience of peers and friends started cheering.

Out of all the attendees, Kim Nam Gil gave the loudest cheer as he stood up and shouted “Son Ye Jin Is the best!” After capturing people’s attention, he gave 90-degree bows to his left and right side as the crowd laughed at his excitement. Son Ye Jin responded “Thank you Nam Gil oppa” with a great big smile on her face.