Maybee’s New Teaser is “A Scene from a Horror Movie”

On October 16, singer and lyricist Maybee released a new teaser music video for her new song “Tomorrow” on Youtube.

The video, shot in washed-out tones, starts with an absent-minded humming. It shows Maybee in a mansion by herself with a bunch of puppets and dolls, stroking a doll’s hair with an empty look in her eyes, and is very reminiscent of a horror movie, with its echo and various sounds and effects.

Maybee’s agency, Bluebridge, announced that “This music video is very fresh and impactful, but there were a lot of fun ideas that were incorporated into it as well.”

This horror theme falls in direct contrast with the first impression given by the song title, literally translated as, ‘tomorrow is clear, too,’ and really makes one anticipate what direction the full music video will take.  The music video will be released on October 21.

Check out the teaser for “Tomorrow” below!