Upcoming Male Group Topp Dogg Releases Debut Teaser Video

Stardom Entertainment is preparing for the debut of their next male group and released the video teaser through their official YouTube channel.

The group’s name is Topp Dogg and will consist of thirteen members. Currently, only the names and photos of eleven members have been revealed. Their debut track is “Use Your Words” (working title) and the video teaser hints at a upbeat hip hop song.

A representative of Stardom Entertainment said about the new group, “Topp Dogg is actually a project that was started even before Block B. We put a lot of effort into the composition of the group since each member joined with different focuses.”

The Topp Dogg official Twitter account has been releasing individual member teaser photos. They recently revealed their eleventh member, Hansol. Topp Dogg will make their official debut on October 24.