Shin Seung Hoon Releases MV Teaser feat. Dynamic Duo’s Choiza

Shin Seung Hoon is drawing a lot of attention with his upcoming track.

On October 17, a music video teaser for track “I’ve Changed A Lot” from his album “Great Wave” was unveiled. This marks the last work to be released under his three part project album series “3 Waves of Unexpected Twist,” which started six years ago experimenting different styles of music.

“I’ve Changed A Lot” fuses jazz and hip hop, shortened as jazz-hop, and is the result of Shin Seung Hoon and Super ChangDdai’s collaboration.

Another reason for the extra interest is because Dynamic Duo’s Choiza is featured as a rapper. He was recently smack in the middle of the media’s attention for being spotted with f(x)’s Sulli one night and the following morning making many netizens suspicious about their relationship.

Meanwhile, he’ll kickstart promotional activities with a showcase titled “Shin Seung Hoon’s Comeback- Great Wave” at Seoul Olympic Park on October 23.