Kim Tae Hee Apologizes to Lee Min Jung?

In her interview on the October 16 episode of SBS’s “Night of TV Entertainment,” Kim Tae Hee apologized to fellow actress Kim Min Jung.

When asked about being labeled a “nuisance guest” after her appearance at Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s wedding, Kim Tae Hee couldn’t hide her blush, saying, “I think it’s a name that the journalists gave me for fun, but it was still embarrassing.” “Nuisance guest” was a name given to Kim Tae Hee by news reporters because she’s so beautiful and stole Lee Min Jung’s thunder at the wedding! 

Kim Tae Hee said, “Lee Min Jung was the most beautiful out of all the brides I’ve seen so far,” and expressed her regrets for taking some of her spotlight.

When the reporter interviewing her joked that she should apologize to Lee Min Jung right there on the spot, she bowed her head and said, “I was wrong,” making everyone laugh.

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