[Exclusive] Choose the Next Soompi Ulzzang – Vote Now!


Hey Soompiers!

Thanks to everyone who entered Soompi Ulzzang! We’re pleased to announce that we’ve received 835 entries, proving once again that we are K-Pop’s biggest online beauty contest! This year, our official sponsor is Nega Network, the agency behind talented artists such as Brown Eyed Girls, LC9, and Lunafly. Why Nega Network, you may ask? Many of you might remember that our last Ulzzang winner was none other than E.Den, who is now one of the main rappers of LC9. Since our pool of contestants has proven before to be the discovery grounds for an upcoming K-Pop idol, Nega Network will interview the winners and runners-up of Soompi Ulzzang (four in total, two male and two female) via video chat. In addition, the winners will also receive a collection of autographed CDs from the Nega Network artists!

We’ve finally managed to sort through all the entries and set up our voting platform, so now the fun really begins. This year, we decided to give everyone a fair shot at the public vote, so you will be selecting from 722 girls and 113 boys (gulp). Contestants may enlist their family and friends to vote for them, but Soompi will automatically disqualify any contestant that is found to have questionable votes. As always, the finalists for each round will be determined by audience vote, but Nega Network maintains the right to reserve contestants to move onto the next round.

If you have any questions, please refer to the Soompi Ulzzang 2013 forum thread. There’s a helpful FAQ, and you can feel free to discuss the contest with other contestants as well!

What are you waiting for? Go and VOTE NOW, and tell a friend!