Reporter Provides Eyewitness Account on Suzy-Sungjoon Dating Rumours

How did rumors about miss A’s Suzy and actor Sung Joon dating come about? On October 16, the reporter who had been at the scene presented a fresh eyewitness account on SBS’ “Midnight TV Entertainment.”

According to the reporter, “I was just coming from covering another interview and spotted the pair by chance…Suzy and Sung Joon were seated side by side exchanging looks at each other at a Japanese restaurant in Cheongdam-dong, and they looked pretty happy.”

The pictures where Sung Joon draped his arm around Suzy’s shoulder drew a lot of interest. The reporter revealed, “After coming out from a wine bar, Suzy looked around, conscious of her surroundings, with Sung Joon emerging after her. He seemed to know what she was thinking and placed his arm around her to reassure her, like a personal bodyguard, while Suzy had his hand in hers. This is probably what led to questions about whether the two are dating.”

Both parties deny that is any romantic involvement. Suzy’s agency, JYP Entertainment maintained, “They are close colleagues,” while Sung Joon’s side dismissed the dating rumors, “They are just friends. There were other people present as well. Our stance is that it was just an incident, and Sung Joon thinks that way too.”