SHINee’s Jonghyun Expresses His Dislike for “M! Countdown”

SHINee’s Jonghyun expressed his frustration at the production crew of Mnet’s “M! Countdown” in a series of amusing posts on his Twitter account.

He tweeted, “There’s a short talk segment during the live broadcast of ’M! Countdown’. Hahaha! But the MCs are Kim Woo Bin and Joon Young-hyung…, ha…, ‘M! Countdown’ must really dislike me.”

He then revealed the heights of Kim Woo Bin and Jung Joon Young. According to their profiles, Kim Woo Bin’s listed height is 187 cm, while Jung Joon Young’s is 184 cm. In a previous variety program, Jonghyun had revealed his height to be 173 cm, relatively shorter than Kim Woo Bin and Jung Joon Young.

He showed his disappointment, joking, “Please anticipate the screen shots. I will hate ‘M! Countdown!’”

“I am thinking of asking for my chair to be raised, and not ever standing up,” “I will say it’s my ‘proud’ concept,” he continued tweeting, wittily revealing his way of avoiding humiliation.

Jonghyun then appeared on the show seated, between the two standing MCs. Kim Woo Bin asked him why he was the only one sitting, to which Jonghyun replied that it was more comfortable sitting down. He finally had to stand up to introduce the next stage, and ended up requesting for the two MCs match their eye levels. Kim Woo Bin and Jung Joon Young gamely showed off their “manner legs,” adjusting their heights to match.

Jonghyun also tweeted more pictures after the show.

Jonghyun is currently in the middle of SHINee promotions with their new song “Everybody.”

MCountdown screenshot

Jonghyun tweets 2

Jonghyun tweets

M! Countdown collage

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