E-Sens Will Be Performing for the First Time After “Diss Battle”

Hip hop artist and former Supreme Team member E-Sens will soon be making his first official public appearance after leaving his previous agency Amoeba Culture.

He will be performing at the “MICROWAVE Presents HIFANA”  in Platoon Kunsthalle on November 11. “MICROWAVE” brings together artists, designers, event planners and critics for a cultural happening at the center of subculture in Seoul. 

In addition to E-Sens, other top hip hop artists such as J-Tong, Fana, Ugly Duck, and rappers representing Hi-Lite Records will be rocking the stage at the event. However, the star of the show is HIFANA, a duo of two Japanese artists KEIZOmachine and JUICY, that mixes music and visual effects for an impactful show. It will be their first time performing in Korea.

E-Sens has been keeping a low profile after the decision to part ways with fellow Supreme Team member Simon D, and releasing a diss track directed at Gaeko of Dynamic Duo and his agency Amoeba Culture. These events started the hip hop scene’s “diss battle” that caught the attention of the whole entertainment industy. 


Source: Nate