Tablo and Haru Strike Identical Poses in a Selca

Tablo of Epik High shared an adorable selca taken with his daughter Haru.

On October 17, the hip hop artist uploaded a photo of him and his daughter on Twitter. The message says, “We will work hard for ‘Superman Returns’ with Haru!” With this he is referring to the recent announcement that they have decided to join KBS2’s new variety show.

In the picture, the two are showing off their cute father-daughter relationship. Both are staring at the camera with their big and dark eyes, while pressing their lips tightly together. It cannot be denied that Haru has been gifted with some of his father’s funny personality, and this makes the fans even more excited for the upcoming TV program.

Superman Returns” is scheduled to start airing in the beginning of November. The show will challenge fathers to survive without their wife and look after their children all by themselves.


Source: Naver