Actress Han Chae Young Smiles For a Shot With a Cute Dog

Actress Han Chae Young sent a hello to her fans by posting on her Weibo a picture of herself smiling with a cute puppy. The two met while filming for a pictorial.

On October 12, Han Chae Young wrote, “I haven’t filmed a pictorial for a long while. I came to the set and met this really cute dog. So we took a picture together.”

The actress looks amazing even though it hasn’t been that long since she gave birth to her baby son in August.

Netizens who caught on the actress’ recent news commented, “Han Chae Young has become so much prettier,” “She doesn’t seem to have the awful side-effects of giving birth,” “The dog is so cute,” and “Han Chae Young, come back on TV.”

Han Chae Young with puppy