SHINee Members Are Handsome and Playful in “Everybody” BTS Photos

On October 17, SM Entertainment gave us a glimpse of SHINee‘s Taemin, Jonghyun, Key, Minho and Onew behind-the-scenes of their recently released “Everybody” music video.

The photos were uploaded to SHINee’s official Facebook page, showing some of the things that happened while the members were on set. Though taken candidly, the SHINee members’ good looks still dazzled fans.

One photo shows Taemin mischievously kneeing Onew, while Key is looking half-amused in the background. Another photo shows Minho and Jonghyun about to shake hands, displaying their close friendship.

shinee everybody bts 1 shinee everybody bts 2 shinee everybody bts 3

Meanwhile, SHINee’s official Facebook page also announced that they will be uploaded the dance practice clip for “Everybody” once the official MV hits 3 million views. The video currently has around 2.7 million views so make sure you keep watching!