Fiestar Sets Comeback Date, Releases Photo at MV Filming Site

Fiestar fans, rejoice! Girl group Fiestar will be making a comeback.

On October 18, their agency Collabodadi released couple photos along with the message “Ho for horaengi* + Pi for Piesta*!! We are a Hopi family! Please wait for Fiestar’s comeback.” (*Horaengi is Korean for tiger and Piesta is the Korean way of pronouncing Fiestar. Hopi is the term for tiger striped pattern.)

Inside the first photo, the members and Shinsadong Tiger are sitting on a couch holding onto a blanket with tiger striped patterns. It was previously reported that Loen Entertainment decided to split their artist division up into several labels and composer Shinsadong Tiger will be leading Collabodadi, which will be responsible for ZIA and Fiestar.

The second photo shows the girls on the set of their upcoming music video. They show off various sides like sexy, cute, and lively. Their agency revealed that they will be showing a new concept for their comeback, raising expectations for how they will fair in the competitive market. For this album, anyone will be able to enjoy the musical content and that there will be several cover versions included.

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