Spica’s Park Na Rae is a “Crazy Girl” in Kim Bo Hyung’s Sensuous Music Video

Spica‘s Kim Bo Hyung has made her solo debut with the release of her very sensual music video “Crazy Girl,” starring fellow group mate Park Na Rae. The video was shared through their agency’s official YouTube channel.

“Crazy Girl” was written and composed by Spica’s mentor and label mate, Lee Hyo Ri. The song is about a woman deals with the regret after throwing away the man who loved her. Kim Bo Hyung’s powerful and husky voice works perfectly with Lee Hyo Ri’s lyrics to create an emotional and honest song. In the music video, Park Na Rae is more than just sexy as she plays the female personification of a man’s broken heart. This dark and symbolic music video will capture your attention to the very end.

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