Psy to Come Back in November and Collaborates with Steven Tyler?

Looks like Psy has once again joined forces with an American superstar!

During an interview with Vogue Italy’s L’Uomo Vogue, the world star revealed that the two have been spending time in the studio together. He expressed his excitement by telling how Steven Tyler used to be his role model in middle school, and actually getting to collaborate with his idol is almost unbelieveable. 

In addition to this, Psy made fans start their countdown by saying that his new song might be released as early as in November. He is currently living in sunny Los Angeles, and spending his time working on new material with his crew.

Aerosmith’s frontman Steven Tyler and Psy already met once back in May, when the latter tweeted a photo of them backstage at the “2013 Social Star Awards” held in Singapore.

Are you getting excited for Psy’s comeback?

Source: Nate, Billboard