K-Entertainment Rumor Radar -What Is the Industry Gossiping About?

Famous writer A and female actress B, who is currently taking a break from activities, are rumored to be dating. The two are past marriageable age, so they are meeting seriously, with marriage likely to be on the cards. It is said that writer A plans to name his production company using B’s English initials, so we might be hearing some good news soon.

Recently, large entertainment companies are said to be obsessed with finding all-rounded child actors. With child stars like Kim So Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Jin Ji Hee and Yeo Jin Gu coming up quickly in succession, more agencies want to catch and train talented child actors early. An entertainment insider hinted, “In the past, contracts arose out of memorable roles in movies or dramas, but recently, there are lots of instances where contracts are signed really early on. Even companies that have never cultivated child actors previously are now showing interest in doing so. One child actor who just finished a popular drama has been contacted by all the biggest entertainment companies in the country and is seriously thinking about it.”

Break-up rumours and tales of discord are coming out about popular idol group member C and D. C has side activities outside group activities and is quite popular at the moment. C and D, who has been relatively well treated by the company, are said to not be on good terms with one another. An industry insider stated, “The two have always had incompatible personalities. It’s become harder as they’ve grown older. It will be difficult for C to switch agencies immediately, but C wants to stay as part of the group somehow.”

Actor E is said to be a typical “Mama’s boy.” E set up a one-man agency but in reality, his mother is apparently the one coordinating everything. Mother and son are openly physically affectionate to one another, often startling those around, and when E had some personal problems and was being investigated by the police, his mother reportedly personally accompanied him to the station.

Celebrity F has become quite absorbed with his looks. He has been quite active and with box-office successes, has been receiving star treatment. While F has become more good-looking due to his diet, he is still far from being a so-called flower boy. F has been receiving many compliments from those around him, and with his vastly upgraded popularly, it’s natural that he is suffering from a huge ego (“wangjabyung”). According to an industry insider, “He has the biggest ego these days. It would be good if he had an advisor who could set him straight.”


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